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"Attend the first U.S. Japanese Rock convention!

What is Jrock Con, anyway? It's an all new convention dedicated to bringing Japanese rock fans together under one roof, of course! It's about time we brought Japan's rock scene to our own doorsteps, and that is the goal of Jrock Con. We intend to bring you the best of the past and present of Jrock from PV screenings to fashion panels to future concerts. You'll be able to enjoy buying the latest in band merchandise direct from vendors, karaoke with friends to your favorite songs, and maybe buy some of that great fan art you'll find at Artist Row. The truth is, we're out to make you a happier Jrock fan.

While Jrock Con is still in its infancy, staff urge you to support our endeavor at the first U.S. Jrock convention in any way possible. Donations are greatly appreciated if you cannot attend, and passing on the word about this convention is even better. See the Promotion page for ways you can help out! Even the smallest steps can take you somewhere, and with your help, to better JRock Con years after that. Jrock is always alive and thriving in Japan, and we hope you get that same feeling and experience at Jrock Con." - Jrock Connection

This is Jrock Con's 2nd year. Let's pray for an even bigger success.